Team Building

Sharing the Opportunity
Ideas for sharing the opportunity at Skin Care Classes and other appointments

$100 Bill Money Marketing

MK Opportunity Labels – (Place on the back of biz cards)

Booking an Interview

Guest Feedback Form

10 Great Reasons

Marketing Bag Game – Word (Updated 9/20/11)

Hotline Postcard

Hotline Postcard – Free Gift


Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members so they can learn more about the company and opportunity

Building a Business, Not a Wholesale Club

Magic Words to Help You Recruit

Teacher Initiatives Flyer
Starter Kit Flyer
Starter Kit Contents

2nd Chance Kit Contents

2nd Chance Flyer

How to Pack Starter Kit Bag

Career Path


Additional Resources

Layering Chart



Cupcakes & Conversation – MK Studio

Cupcakes & Conversation – No Location

Conducting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct an interview about the opportunity

Team Building Notebook PDF


Preparing for Interview

Maybe She Needs Me – Word

Who is a Quality Prospect
Warm Market Memory Jogger
Creating an I-Story with Passion
Advance Brochure


DISC Traits



Overcoming Objections Audio

Listen & learn tips from top team builders. See how they handle 5 of the most common objections they hear when offering the Mary Kay opportunity.


“I don’t have the Time”


“I don’t have the Money”


“I’m not the Sales Type”


“I need to ask my husband”


“I don’t know anybody”

Invite your potential consultants to dial into our Marketing Hotline to hear more about our business opportunity!