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Welcome to Mary Kay and the Virnau’s Victors Unit!

Now that you are a new Beauty Consultant, you have some great options for how you would like to begin your business. Whether you’ve started Mary Kay as something fun to do, as a way to earn some great part-time money or as the means to replace your current income, you are in the right place because we’ve taken all the guess work out of how to get your business off on the right foot. One great thing to remember about Mary Kay is that you’ll always have the freedom to move at your own pace and to position yourself for long-term success. !

Victor's Checklist

Most Important Things to Accomplish

Below are key decisions and activities to focus on during your first 30 days as a New Consultant. The Checklist contains “step by step” instructions to set you up for success. If you want success fast, stick to the Checklist. If you ever feel overwhelmed, go back to the Checklist. Regardless of any other information you receive along the way, STAY WITH THIS CHECKLIST!

1. Take the odometer reading on your vehicle.  One of your biggest tax deductions is mileage!  Keep a mileage record of your MK trips in your datebook you’ll receive in your Starter Kit.

2. Respond to the Welcome Email you receive from Ashley.  Let her know she is using your correct email address and that her emails are not going to your Spam folder.  Create a folder in your email for Ashley’s emails.  Also consider a NEW email address if  your current one is old and full of spam.

3. Join Ashley on Social Media. Friend Ashley on Facebook.  Join our private Facebook group Virnau’s Victora.

4. Do New Consultant Orientation with Ashley and place your first order.  It’s important to do this within your first 24-48 hours so you can hear all the options available to you and take advantage of some time sensitive offers.  Ashley will help you determine the best course of action for your business!

5. Purchase a 3-section spiral notebook and begin your Contact List.  In section 1 of your spiral notebook, begin your Contact List – potential customers, hostesses, and team members.  (More details under “How do I develop a clientele” in “Frequently Asked Questions” section of your packet.

6. Log on to

Enter your consultant number and create a password.  Review the FIRST STEPS OFFERS.  There are lots of goodies waiting for you!

  • Set up your personal website – Should you wish to glance @ Ashley’s
  • Order your Business Building Kit on MK Connections

2 TIPS: Set up your website BEFORE you order your business cards so you can include the web address on the cards.  I recommend NOT including your physical address on your cards in case you move.

7.  Send us a headshot of yourself for recognition. A headshot of just you is preferable.  If you don’t have one, take a selfie!  Upload it Here

8. Download the free Voxer app. This is like a walkie talkie on your phone.  It’s faster and easier than texting.  Send Ashley a Voxer once you’re on.  Ashley’s Voxer ID: avirna323

For remaining Checklists, refer to your New Consultant packet

New Consultant Contests

Once you earn one of the prizes below fill out a “I Won a Prize” voucher under the Contest tab!

Perfect Start

15 Faces in 15 Days!

Power Start

30 Faces in 30 Days

Power Start Plus

30 Faces +6 Interviews in 30 Days

Pearls of Sharing Earrings

Share the MK business opportunity with at least 3 women in your first 2 weeks of business and earn your earrings!

Pearls of Sharing Bracelet

Share the MK business opportunity with an additional 3 women in your first 30 days of business and earn your Pearls of Sharing Bracelet!

Pearls of Sharing Necklace

Add 1 NEW PERSONAL Team Member in your 1st month who places a $600 + wholesale order in her 1st or 2nd month of business & receive your Pearls of Sharing Necklace!


Business Card Holder

Complete New Consultant Checklist #1

Checkbook Cover

Complete New Consultant Checklist #2

Money Bag

Complete New Consultant Checklist #3

Ink Pens

Complete New Consultant Checklist #4

Glitzy Gold Calculator

Complete New Consultant Checklist #5

Thank You Cards

Complete New Consultant Checklist #6

Tote Bag

Complete All 6 New Consultant Checklists!

Virnau’s Victors Unit Pin

Complete all  MKU trainings and receive our Unit Pin!