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Ashley was born and raised in the small town of south central Texas where she met and married her childhood sweetheart, Matt! They have been married 7 years and are expecting their first baby boy, Jhett in November! They also have handsome chocolate lab named Drake. They are currently moving about the United States as Matt is pursuing his dream of being in the military.

Ashley hesitantly began her Mary Kay business in April of 2003 while she was a senior in high school. She graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2007 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business. After graduation Ashley pursued Event Planning, while she loved what she was doing it simply wasn’t the career she had dreamed for. After being in “Mary Kay Heaven” for almost 6 years, Ashley decided to dust off her starter kit and do something with her Mary Kay business. She began working her business very part-time with another full-time job for a year and took a leap of faith and began pursuing her business full time. Ashley reached the elite top two percent of the company debuting as an Independent Sales Director out of the Sapphire Go-Give Area in June of 2011!

She has earned 4 FREE Mary Kay cars and is currently driving the amazing Pink Cadillac! Ashley has earned 5 diamond rings and has been a Star Consultant over 30 times! Her highest check in one month was over $7,500! Ashley was most proud of her unit when they achieved the “Honors Society” status in their first year of being a unit.

What does Ashley love most about her Mary Kay career and why does she consider this the best business opportunity for women? She will tell you the freedom to create your own schedule, freedom of being your own boss, freedom to move up the career path at your own pace, freedom to make as much money as you are willing to work for and freedom to work with those you choose to.

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Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Home on the Ranch

Home on the Ranch

Skiing in Angel Fire, NM

Skiing in Angel Fire, NM

Seminar 2011

Seminar 2011

Vacationing in Turks & Caicos

Vacationing in Turks & Caicos

We Asked Ashley...

Best Asset: I am very level headed

Before Mary Kay: I did Event Planning

People Would Be Surprised That: I have an old soul

Favorite Childhood Memory: My Daddy making me breakfast on Saturday mornings and my Mom and I decorating for the holidays!

Favorite Movies: Steal Magnolias, The Help, Fried Green Tomatoes, Gone with the Wind – I love me a good chick flick!

Best Book I’ve Ever Read: The Bible – it has all the answers!

Favorite Book in the Bible: Proverbs – love all the advice!

Favorite City: Dallas, TX – the best shopping!

When I am Worried: I rarely worry, but when I do, I pray! As my husband says, “Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.”

Favorite Vacation Destination: so far, Hawaii

Favorite Meal: Almost anything Italian – pizza, chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo & garlic bread…basically anything with lots of carbs & butter!

I Usually Order: an appetizer

Hobbies: Spending time with my husband, decorating my home, pinning, shopping & traveling!

If I Could Sing, I’d Sing Like: Shania Twain

Advice I’d Give a New Consultant: Master your Skin Care Party Presentation & keep it simple sweetie!

Best Advise I Ever Got: Take advice from those you would trade places with in life!

Role Models: Shania Twain & Mary Kay Ash

My Favorite Mary Kay Memory: My 1st Mary Kay Seminar watching the National Sales Directors debut on stage! I caught the vision!